I would like to start off by saying that I am straight. Anyways, I grew up in an enviorment where both of my parents were homophobes and many of my friends were as well. If the topic of LGBT ever came up I would either voice my oppinion strongly or keep my mouth shut. I see nothing wrong with gays and people of that sexual region. They are just people who fell in love. Since the beging of time people have judged and hated diiferent ideas, practices, and beliefs. But, why? Have you ever stopped and wondered, why do people hate them for loving differently? Those people are nothing short of human. Could you even imagine what it would be like to walk out of your home and wory that you might get beat up or not be able to keep going to church because of the way others interperate your relegion or have your parents disown you becuase you love someone or even just walk down the street and have someone say that you should burn in hell? What if you had to come out to your parents that you were straight in fear that they will no longer love you? Did any of those gays ever steal your girl/boy friend? Or beat you up? Or say that you should burn in hell? No? Then why do you think that it is in any way okay to hurt them emotionaly, physically, or mentally? I have been thinking about this since I was 13 years old! Why on God's given Earth would you think it's okay to judge someone because of who they love? Would God do something like this, good people and fellow christians? I mean if an emotional, 13 year old could see this many years ago, why can't you? Society isn't always right! Society has been wrong before! Am I the only one who rembers slaves, blacks are all evil and beneth whites, and tobacco is good for you? Thank you for you time and consideration on this touchy subject.

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  1. 13yeartruths


    December 22, 2015